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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces: which is right for you?

If your dentist told you that you need braces to help with a cosmetic or orthodontic issue, you may be trying to decide between traditional orthodontic braces and Invisalign. This article compares both options based on six common concerns to help you decide which option best fits your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

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Invisalign means invisible + alignment. Therefore, this cosmetic dentistry option is very discreet. It is also removable for pictures and other moments when you want your natural smile.  


Traditional Braces are made of very visible stainless steel and alloys. They have elastics that come in various colors from black or grey to neon.



Invisalign is most effective for mild to moderate correction and is worn according to your dentist’s instructions. Cosmetic dentistry tooth alignment options can offer quick and lasting changes.


Traditional Braces move teeth with great force and hold them in the new position until they become normal. Teeth can, however, move after braces are removed.



Invisalign is a series of cosmetic dentistry aligners that are custom-made of thermoplastic polymer and fit snuggly to your teeth. They are designed by your Mississauga dentist to gently shift your teeth into a desired position. Aligners are removable, so they don’t interfere with eating, wearing a protective sports guard, or regular oral care.


Traditional Braces are used to realign teeth and jaws, which can be extensive and cause difficulties with speech, headaches, facial pain, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and other pain, including cuts from brackets and wires.



Invisalign cosmetic dentistry aligners must be worn for 22 hours per day to be effective and efficient. Each set is worn for approximately two weeks, and there are usually 12 to 24 sets. This means the Invisalign treatment lasts between six months and a year.


Traditional Braces are generally worn for 12 to 24 months.



Invisalign aligners are made by your regular dentist. In Mississauga, you can advance to the next set of aligners without a dentist appointment, but you still must visit your dentist every four to six weeks. Aligners are removable, so you can easily and fully clean them, as well as your teeth and gums.


Traditional Braces require orthodontic appointments every four to eight weeks and in case of damage. Daily maintenance and cleaning of braces, teeth, and gums can be challenging and time-consuming as the brackets and wires tend to trap food.



Invisalign cosmetic dentistry works well with mild to moderate overcrowding, spacing, and bite issues. They are also used to recorrect teeth that have moved after braces have been removed.


Traditional Braces are generally required for severe jaw misalignment and spacing issues.


Find a Dentist in Mississauga

Whether you have decided to pursue Invisalign, think traditional braces are a better route for you, or still haven’t decided, contact Dentistry in Streetsville. We can review your teeth-straightening options in Mississauga and provide you with the individualized and custom treatment you need.   


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