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Useful Links and Resources for Dental Health in Mississauga

At Dentistry in Streetsville, we are dedicated to educating our patients about the importance of oral health. On this page, you’ll find some useful links to information about dentistry as well as videos on a wide range of subjects to help you achieve the perfect smile and learn more about our services.

Function of Your Smile

When considering any enhancement of your smile, it is worth remembering that your teeth are designed for function (chewing). It is therefore important to make sure that any cosmetic enhancement of your smile complements or improves your existing function.

For comfort, longevity and the protection of your new smile, it is important that your teeth touch evenly when biting together, as this allows your jaw muscles to settle into a relaxed position at rest. It is very common to find that most people possess an uneven bite, which often results from general wear over time and past dentistry, such as a filling in a tooth that has worn down, or tooth movement following orthodontic treatment (braces).

A complete smile assessment will always incorporate a thorough examination of your bite, as we not only want your smile to look fantastic, but also want it to last for many years to come.

dental decay

How to Prevent Dental Decay

Cavities are caused by certain types of bacteria that live in your mouth and stick to plaque that builds up on your teeth. The bacteria feed on the food you eat, producing acid that can cause cavities. We are not born with these bacteria in our mouths, so there are ways to prevent the dental decay they cause. To reduce your chances of dental decay you should:

  • Avoid sharing utensils and straws
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss daily
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Limit snacking on sugary or starchy foods
  • Regularly visit your dentist for professional teeth cleanings
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Nobel Biocare

Learn About Dental Implants

Dentistry in Streetsville is a family Dental Centre and is proud to introduce full phase dental implant care to its patients by the world leader of dental implants, Nobel Biocare. With over 35 years of clinical excellence, these high quality implants will ensure success for all your prosthetic replacement needs. Ask us about how implants can help you or a loved one or link up to get detailed information about this fantastic new technology.

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New Orthodontic Technology!

What if you could straighten your teeth without braces? Then your children may not feel so self-conscious about their treatment. Or maybe an adult may be able to achieve the alignment results they have always wanted without, perhaps, the discomfort of orthodontic wires. Ask our office how we can provide this simple yet effective means of improving your smile.

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Don’t Gamble with Your Teeth!

Some people feel that store bought mouth guards are satisfactory to prevent sports injuries. View this website to see why this is not the case. Only custom fabricated mouth guards provide the necessary protection against costly and frustrating injuries. Contact our office for more information and to find out how easy and inexpensive it is to protect your loved ones.

Basic Dental Implants

A New Approach to Implants

Dentistry in Streetsville is dedicated to offering our patients the best that dental technology has to offer. We are the first to offer a second implant system for various cases of missing teeth. BIOHORIZONS  dental implant system offers an excellent cost effective approach to restoring missing teeth. Please call our office for further details.

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Stop Snoring with the Silensor-sl

Reduce snoring with this state-of-the-art appliance. The Silensor-sl counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts to decrease noise-generating vibrations of soft tissues. This reduces snoring and helps you and your spouse get a better night’s rest.

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Crest Dental Resroucenet

Take a tour of the Crest Dental ResourceNet. Educational information is available for many dental topics. Please email us if you have further questions.

Armenian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario

Armenian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario

Dr. Cyril Tahtadjian is a proud sponsor to send medical and dental aid to Armenia to help the needy. He has served on the Executive Board of ACMAO as President and Vice President. 

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Read about Dentistry in Streetsville in the Media

Below you’ll find some articles written about our dentists as well as some our dentists have written on behalf of Dentistry in Streetsville in order to inform and educate the public on dental care, myths, tips and tricks, and much more. Click each link to read a bit more about each topic.

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