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Dental Service Testimonials in Mississauga

Our track record speaks for itself. Most of our patients at Dentistry in Streetsville in Mississauga come from referrals and we’d like to think it’s because of our tireless dedication to providing top-notch dental services in a friendly and comfortable environment. Read what some of our satisfied patients have been saying about us:

Successful Tooth Implant Procedure

“After years of chronic root canal infections and complications, my lower molar was extracted in 2009. I was terrified that the tooth implant operation would not be successful. Food in contact with the exposed gum was sometimes painful. But I had enough, and decided to live with the missing tooth.

Late 2012 Dr. Tahtadjian showed me on the X-ray that my upper molar was moving down into the vacant space. I then realized that the risk to the adjacent teeth would be more than the risk of the implant operation. Late 2012 I had the implant placed. The operation was much less intrusive than the original root canal.

There were a few days of swelling. Even with only the implant cap now protecting my gum, chewing was more comfortable.

Early 2012 I received the tooth. It feels like my real tooth on the opposite side. I regret waiting so long to have the procedure.”

- Axel V.

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Gentle Care and Pleasant Staff

“This letter is to thank you for providing my husband with your support.

As a diabetic, good oral hygiene is an important contributor for his good health. Your care and gentleness when working on his teeth have helped him.

Your staff is pleasant and are able to encourage him to come in for appointments regularly. Knowing that he can count on you certainly makes for one less thing to stress over.”

- Tanya H.

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Second to None Dedication and Professionalism

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding workmanship and service that you have provided me over the past several years.

The dedication and professionalism that you have shown is second to none. It is heartening to see a professional so diligent in his work!

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend your services to both business colleagues and my friends.

Once again many thanks and wish you all the very best in your future business.”

- Riaz Q.

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Great Dental Experience

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your dental hygiene staff for creating a great customer experience for me.

As you know, my wife, Carla, is an excellent dental hygienist and has performed all of my regular cleanings. I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else, or else!

However, the Dental Hygiene Association of Ontario successfully lobbied the Government and recently passed a law not allowing hygienists to work on their spouses, which meant I had to go elsewhere. After meeting you at BNI and seeing the professionalism in your office, this was an opportunity for me to try out your services.

Actually, from the very first time I visited your office, I was very impressed with how meticulous you were at your work. You had showed me step-by-step photos of a tooth implant in which you perfumed and I couldn’t’ believe your precision and accuracy. It may sound a bit gory, but as you described what I was seeing, you were proud that there was very little blood gushing and scaring afterwards.

At that time, I thought that if I needed any major dental work then I would certainly want you to work your magic. Fortunately, I now had the opportunity.

For the record, I am not the best dental patient, even for just a simple cleaning. My wife says that I am very fidgety. However, your dental hygienist was very accommodating. For example, before getting started, I requested she not use the cavatron or megatron for descaling, because for some unknown reason, the vibration gives me an uncomfortable burning sensation. Instead, I asked that she perform the cleaning the old fashioned way using the manual handpick tool, which apparently most hygienists dislike because it’s too much work.

Your hygienist was happy to accommodate and did a terrific job!

Thanks again for the wonderful service, accommodating staff and making the entire customer dental experience, even for just a cleaning, a great one for me.”

- Sam S.

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Talent and Dedication

“I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that no one likes going to the dentist! Some people may not mind it, but no one looks forward to it; except my parents. And I have you and your staff at Dentistry in Streetsville to thank for it.

You’ve taken great care of them for years and laughed at all of my father’s jokes (even the ones that aren’t particularly funny!) And as my parents get a little longer in the tooth (one of my father’s puns), they come to appreciate familiar faces all the more, because they don’t have to be referred to a specialist for things like surgeries and root canals – you’re the specialist!

I hear you sing the praises of your practice every week, but it’s those regular visits to your office that reinforce the great talent and dedication that you and your staff display every day. This is why I never hesitate to offer your card whenever I hear somebody say “I hate going to my dentist – he always gets on my nerves” (sorry, another one of dad’s puns.)

Cyril, thank you for doing what only two other medical practitioners have accomplished in the past four decades; earned my parents’ trust.

- Saverio D.

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