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Hear Nothing, Feel Nothing, See Nothing – Dentistry Asleep

Female dentist treating a male kid with Dentistry Asleep.

Around 36% of people feel anxious about going to the dentist.

Dental work can be long, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. It's no wonder that dentistry asleep services are gaining popularity. Sedation during dental procedures can help get people through complex dental work.

However, if you're considering sleep dentistry, there are a few things you should know first. It's not always as simple as requesting it with no prior research.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of sedative oral care.


What Is Dentistry Asleep?

Dentistry asleep services are defined as when the dentist provides sedation before a dental procedure. There are different types and levels of sedation available, depending on your needs. For example, someone with minor anxiety may need less sedation than someone with a dental phobia.

Preventive dentistry is an essential part of routine oral health, and most people don't require sedation. However, preventive dentistry asleep services are available at specialist dentists for those that don't wish to be awake for their check-ups.

Cosmetic Dentistry is where you get dental work to enhance your smile; these processes can be long and uncomfortable, so many people opt for sedation during this cosmetic work.

But, the most common reason for getting dentistry asleep is during restorative dental work. Replacing and removing teeth is an uncomfortable procedure for anyone to have. Dentistry asleep can take away all the trauma of tooth removal.


What Are the Benefits of Dentistry Asleep?

Sleep dentistry is beneficial for many people that are conscious of their dental health. It's a breath of fresh air for anyone that has anxiety about visiting the dentist, has a low pain threshold, or has a habit of avoiding dental treatment.

Sedation isn't always appropriate for a simple check-up. However, if you've got multiple procedures to have or you're unable to manage anxiety, it's a simple way to make the process easier.

Where Should I Get Dentistry Asleep?

All dentists are governed by regulatory bodies that ensure they are safe and qualified to practice. The road to becoming a dentist isn't easy, so all dentists can provide essential services.

Standard services include checkups, fillings, root canals, and a few other services. However, if you're after specialist services, such as sedation dentistry, it's best to shop around first.

At Dentistry in Streetsville, our dentistry asleep services are tailored to your needs. You'll have a full consultation with one of our skilled dentists first to determine which type of sedation will be best for you.

Once you've got a treatment plan, we'll guide you through every step of the way to make the process anxiety and pain-free.

Enquire About Sleep Dentistry Today

That's the basics of sleep dentistry. If you're losing sleep over your next dentist visit, there's no need. You can get the peace of mind and the sleep you need with us at Dentistry in Streetsville.

If you think that dentistry asleep services can make your life easier, why not make an appointment with one of our friendly team? We look forward to seeing you!



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