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Creating a More Beautiful World, One Smile at a Time

Smile Gallery: Before and After Photos of Dentistry in Mississauga

Implants: A Permanent Smile Solution!

Before and After

Replacing teeth in the past left us with only two options, dentures and bridges. Dentures are traditionally less attractive, can loosen and fall out and require frequent maintenance, causing significant frustration to wearers. Bridges require grinding otherwise sound teeth to prosthetically replace the missing tooth, thereby leading to complications associated with the supporting teeth, such as root canals, that otherwise could have been avoided. Ever advancing technology has allowed us to artificially recreate teeth; replacing adjacent teeth with no damage. These teeth require little maintenance, and still look and function as well as natural teeth. Ask our office about how implants can change the way you smile!

Pick a Tooth, Any Tooth

Before and After

Any tooth in the mouth can be replaced with implants. Ask our office if your dental situation suits dental implant replacement.

Find Me if You Can

Before and After

Esthetics and strength that rival natural teeth. Minimal maintenance. Never falls out. Minimal pain associated with a minor surgical procedure. Longevity theoretically approaching a lifetime. No damage to adjacent teeth. Least expensive prosthetic solution over a lifetime. With all these benefits, can there be any other choice for replacing missing teeth? Ask our office to see if implants are for you.

Improve Your Lifestyle with Implants

Before and After

It was once the case that the loss of a front tooth due to trauma or disease would be devastating for the person due to the difficulties of complex prosthetic replacement. Today, technology allows us to use implants to simply and predictably replace all missing teeth with durable, long lasting results. Benefits include no trauma to adjacent teeth and highly esthetic results with functional strengths that rival the natural tooth. Ask us how implants can improve your lifestyle.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before and After

Years of grinding and heavy function have left this patient’s teeth in a severely worn and painful state. Although the process is very lengthy, the final results speak for themselves. The patient has a new mouth to function with due to new porcelain bonded to gold crowns.

Composite Inlays

Before and After

Unsightly, broken down teeth or silver mercury fillings can be durably restored with inlay restorations. They provide the same bonding and strengthening of tooth structure as white fillings do but offer more wear resistance to last longer. Ask us about how we can provide this type of "invisible dentistry" for you.

Porcelain Veneers

Before and After

Teeth with less than ideal proportions or shape can be enhanced with thin, durable coverings. Four upper veneers and bleaching the remaining teeth has transformed this patient’s smile and given her a new sense of confidence.

White Fillings

Before and After

Silver mercury amalgam has long been a fantastic restorative material. However, with today's technology, we can durably and predictably restore the same teeth in a cost effective manner in one appointment with a more esthetic material. Appearance is not the only benefit, however, because the ability to bond imparts a strengthening to the tooth as well. Ask us if composite resin fillings are a suitable option for you.

“Don't let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world.”

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