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Experiencing a relaxed and comfortable visit to the dentist is something that all patients look forward to. Dental care is essential for the treatment and prevention of oral problems. But sometimes, patients experience anxiety or fear while visiting their dentist. At Dentistry in Streetsville, our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Mississauga is dedicated to giving the best possible treatment to all patients. Eliminating the sensations associated with dentistry and putting our patients at ease is what makes sleep dentistry highly popular. Using a variety of techniques, we allow patients to get dental treatment in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. Call us for appointments.


Learn More About Dentistry Asleep in Mississauga

Dental procedures are best done in comfortable and relaxed surroundings. Patients who experience anxiety and stress while visiting their dental clinic can benefit from dentistry asleep procedures. Combining the expertise of our dentists with the latest technology and medicine, dentistry asleep is all about providing comprehensive dental care while you are awake or asleep. From light to total sedation, we execute all dental procedures with utmost safety and perfection with different sedation levels. Our professional dental team uses sedatives or other medications to help the patient relax and feel at ease during the oral procedure.

Dentistry Asleep Services Offered by Us

Our dental clinic in Mississauga offers dentistry asleep services for adults and children. Striving to provide comfortable treatment for all our patients, we offer services for all kinds of dental Issues:

  • Preventive Dentistry Preventive dentistry is an essential part of dental care and prevention. Regular check-ups of gums and teeth help them stay healthy. Oral hygiene for adults and kids helps in the early detection of gum diseases and tooth decay.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry involves restoration of your smile, broken tooth and other dental flaws. We also undertake treatment for veneers, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding.

  • Restorative Dentistry Our restorative dentistry treatments restore overall oral health, replace missing teeth along with cavity treatment and root canal therapy. We also offer periodontal treatments, extractions and full mouth reconstruction.

Benefits of Dentistry Asleep

Dentistry asleep is all about peace of mind and relaxation at your dentist. With the help of advancements in dental medicine, our dental clinic in Mississauga provides you with a comfortable dental experience. Choosing dentistry asleep for your next dental treatment has many advantages, including:

  • Treatment Ease Ease of treatment is one of the premium benefits of dentistry asleep. Dentistry asleep proves to be the ideal treatment for patients who have sensitive teeth and gums or a gag reflex. With our sedatives calm down the patient, they are more relaxed and it becomes easier for us to give them a comfortable experience.

  • Pain Relief If you wish to experience pain-free dentistry, dentistry asleep is your perfect solution. With your gums and teeth completely sedated, you are relaxed and at ease to complete your treatment.

  • Anxiety Relief Overcoming dental anxiety and fear becomes easy with dentistry asleep. With our controlled sedation techniques, you can experience an anxiety-free dental experience.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry services are generally used when a patient wants to have painless and stress-free dental treatment. Sedation dentistry helps with dentophobia or odontophobia. It refers to the fear of going to the dentist. This fear could be due to several reasons, like a bad experience at your dentist when you were young or apprehension of needles, among others. At Dentistry in Streetsville, sedation dentistry helps vanquish the anxiety experienced by you on your dental visit. Our professional dentists can understand your specific yet diverse dental requirements in the case of sensitive teeth, low pain tolerance, sensitive gag reflex and much more.

The level of sedation varies from one patient to another, based on your specific dental case. Broadly, there are four levels of sedation that are used in sedation dentistry, including:


Minimal sedation - the patient is awake but relaxed.

Moderate sedation - also called conscious sedation, this occurs when you are awake, but you can experience crucial psychological effects due to medication.

Deep sedation - when the patient is at the edge of consciousness but can be awakened.

Anesthesia - when the patient is completely unconscious during the dental procedure.


What Are the Different Methods of Sedation Dentistry?

As a part of the dental process, several methods are used for sedation dentistry. We have listed some of them to help you understand the procedure more closely:


Nitrous or laughing gas - The use of nitrous gas or laughing gas helps in relaxing the patient for minimal sedation.

Oral sedation - Oral sedation is supplied through a mask to induce minimal to moderate sedation.

Intravenous drugs - The use of intravenous drugs by inducing a precise amount of sedation for the treatment.

General anesthesia - The method of general anesthesia is used, which is later reversed using medications.


If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Dentistry in Streetsville, and we will strive to provide complete customer satisfaction!

Safety of Dentistry Asleep

Dentistry asleep is a great way to handle anxiety and dental fear in patients. Sedation can be administered in many forms ranging from light to deep sedation. Dental sedation is a great option and understanding the procedure and details involved must be clear to the patient. Your dentist will look at your dental and overall health and advise you about the ideal sedation option for you. Our team of expert dentists administers sedation with utmost care and caution. All our dentistry asleep procedures are completely safe and executed properly.

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